Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Music Video Finale

My movie trailer team is me, Ella Beck, and Cara Griffin. We chose the song Something Just Like This by Coldplay & Chainsmokers. We choose this song because it is one of our favorite songs. Also it has a fun/interesting story that we could turn into an awesome music video. This song is and upbeat, fun and overall great song to lip sync and create a music video too! We plan to create a very fun and energetic video that will make everyone want to get up and dance.

Our storyline relates to a story about the story of a man that doubts himself about being good enough. He talks about how he isn't a super hero and he isn't part of a legend. Then the girl that he thought he wasn't good enough for says that she isn't looking for a superhero and she just wants him for himself. He then talks about how he wants something just like this, a relationship with someone that doesn't expect you to be some superhero, but they accept you for you.

Me and Cara both worked very hard on this music video. Although this music video is high quality with the correct amount of b-roll it wasn't the best work we could have done. This is because we both have extremely busy schedules and it was very hard to find time to film, edit, and complete this music video. Although I did try my best with the time I did have to film and edit it is not as good as it could have been if we could have figured out how to have enough time to film and edit.

Musician- Coldplay & Chainsmokers
2 Minutes of Song Lyrics Used:
I've been reading books of old, The legends and the myths, Achilles and his gold, Hercules and his gifts, Spider man's control, And Batman with his fists, And clearly I don't see myself upon that list, But she said, where'd you wanna go?, How much you wanna risk?, I'm not looking for somebody, With some superhuman gifts, Some superhero, Some fairytale bliss, Just something I can turn to, Somebody I can kiss, I want something just like this, Doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo, Doo-doo-doo, Oh, I want something just like this, Doo-doo-doo, doo-doo, Doo-doo-doo, Oh, I want something just like this, I want something just like this, I've been reading books of old, The legends and the myths, The testaments they told, The moon and its eclipse, And Superman unrolls, A suit before he lifts, But I'm not the kind of person that it fits, She said, where'd you wanna go?, How much you wanna risk?, I'm not looking for somebody, With some superhuman gifts, Some superhero, Some fairytale bliss, Just something I can turn to somebody I can miss, I want something just like this.

Embedded VIMEO

Friday, April 7, 2017

Movie Trailer Premier

P1T1_Find Me from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

Our project is creating a fictitious movie trailer that captivates our audience to think of the movie as a "must see." We can not show what will happen in the end so that the trailer doesn't spoil the movie so that the audience wants to see the movie. If we included the ending nobody would see it because they already know what happened. The movie trailer must be 90-120 seconds and include an original movie poster. I contributed to the plan many ways. First of all I came up with the idea of this story when brainstorming. Second, I wrote/created the storyboard/shot plan. Thirdly, I helped 
write the script of the trailer with 
other team members.

The biggest challenge of creating this movie trailer was finding time to meet and film b-roll. Everyone on my team has very busy schedules so it was hard to find a time that could work for all of us. Also adding to the problem was the distance of our meeting place and where team members lived. Some of my team members live about an hour drive away so we had to find them a ride that could drive them to the meeting place and back. Despite the challenges, the biggest success in this movie trailer would definitely be editing in music and making the trailer dramatic and intense. It was easy for us to find music that matched perfectly to our b-roll and that also created a dramatic and intense effect. We added different music to different parts of the movie trailer to address different feelings portrayed by the b-roll.

 On our critique my team and I received a majority of votes saying all expectations met regarding the audience. We received a majority of votes saying above and beyond regarding creativity. Finally we received a majority of votes saying all expectations met regarding requirements. We learned that regarding the audience and meeting requirements we could have put a little more effort into making those things really above and beyond instead of just meeting all expectations. Mainly regarding the audience me and my team could have made the trailer more relatable or understanding in some way. Also we met all the requirements but we could have met them and even added more then necessary. Overall I think we did a great
 job when creating this trailer by really having fun with it!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Metamorphosis Animation

P1T5 Metamorphosis from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

Our project goal is to create an animation that teaches important life lessons. Some of the life lessons we plan to teach our audience is selflessness, generosity, giving, and thankfulness. The purpose of our animation is to teach others to give more than you take and always be thankful for what you have. And if you make a mistake, try your best to fix it. The animation types used in our project were photoshop and stop-motion animation. We used photoshop to create 10 frames per second and move the drawing slightly to make the image of our drawing moving. We used stop-motion by taking multiple pictures and having the subject move slightly and the background stay still.

Our animation focus statement is Unicorn Transforms Attitude. We used this as our focus statement because in our animation a unicorn becomes aware of the way he has been treating others and he transforms not only his attitude but his being to give back to others as a way of saying sorry. Scene 1 consists of Gwynn the unicorn being selfish and rude to show how he usually acts. Scene 2 consists of Gwynns herd criticizing Gwynn to show how they usually react. Scene 3 consists of Gwynn doing what he usually does, being selfish, then as he is doing that he finds a strange thing. Scene 4 consists of the strange thing confronting Gwynn on his actions and Gwynn realizing that and starts to feel guilty. Scene 5 consists of Gwynn coming up with a solution to the problems he has caused his herd with the strange things help. Scene 6 consists of Gwynn apologizing and showing the herd what he has to solve his caused problems. Our animation plot is Gwynn the unicorn is a very selfish and rude unicorn. He steals all the food from his herd, making his herd upset with him. As he is eating all the food, he hears something yelling at him. He looks around trying to find the source of the yelling and looks down to find it was a rock. The rock was telling him about how he has been really rude and how he should change his attitude. As Gwynn thinks back on his actions, he agrees. Gwynn asks the wise and magical rock to change him into a tree so that he can give back to his herd after all he had done to them. The herd forgives him and everyone is happy.

In our critique we scored a 3.7 out of 4 on video clarity, understanding and message. A 3.7 out of 4 on characters, props and backgrounds. A 3.6 out of 4 on creativity, originality and execution. And finally we got a 3.8 out of 4 on overall animation. I think that we deserved the scores we received because we worked hard to create a quality animation. I also think that our message was clear and the audience could easily understand our animation. Also, our characters and backgrounds were creative and well thought out because they looked the same in all the scenes. Finally, we had lots of originality and creativity because we came up with the plot all on our own without previous similar animations to look at.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Geometric Portraits

I believe that facial expressions are universal. I believe this because no matter what culture we all have emotions and we all know for example what a smile means. Charles Darwin wrote in his 1872 book, TheExpression of the Emotions in Man and Animals that “facial expressions of emotion are universal, not learned differently in each culture.”  Facial expressions are a natural way to express yourself without speaking. Sometimes we don't intentionally make facial expressions which shows that everyone does it and usually if you are mad or sad your face will change its expressions. I do believe that facial expressions are universal.

This project was very time consuming but all it took where simple steps. First take a portrait of yourself and import it into photoshop. Then if you have a symmetrical portrait you only have to do one side then you can flip it horizontally when you are finished. Secondly use the line tool to create triangles in your portrait. Use the triangles to separate color change etc. Also I recommend making larger triangles in less detailed parts of the face and smaller triangles in the detailed parts like your eyes. When you are finished creating the triangles use the polygonal lasso tool to select a triangle then go to filter, blur, average and it will average the color of the triangle. When you are finished if you have a symmetrical portrait you can take the side you did then flip it horizontally and arrange it to look real, then you are done!

My Poly-1 and Poly-2 are very different and very similar in various ways. First of all, my Poly-1 is symmetrical while my Poly-2 is asymmetrical. Secondly, My Poly-1 was created by making an outline then filling it in with filter, blur, average while my Poly-2 was created by selecting a triangle and using the eyedropper tool to select any color I wanted to fill the triangle. Thirdly, the Poly-1 doesn't have a background and it doesn't pop, but my Poly-2 has a background and some filters on it to make it look more appealing. Even though they have there differences they also have similarities. For example, the fact that they are both Low Poly Portraits and that they are made of triangles. I definitely feel that I improved on making the Poly-2 more appealing.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Verbal Landscapes

Nature impacts my life in many different ways. One way nature impacts my life is that it makes me feel happy and warm inside and it impacts me to make others happy. Another way nature impacts me is by its beauty. Nature impacts me to keep it beautiful and to be gentle with it. If we harm nature continuously it will disappear before we know it.

Time lapses are created by taking a long film and cramming it together into a smaller piece of film. When you cram the film together the film becomes faster than normal so that you aren't cutting anything out of the footage but you are still making the film smaller. Slow - Mo s are the opposite. They are created by stretching the film out and making it longer. When you do this you aren't adding any additional footage but you are taking the footage you already have and slowing it down which makes it longer.

The hardest part of this project was picking which clips to use. I filmed lots of things and it was very hard to look through all of them and pick my favorites. My favorite part of this assignment was getting to go into nature and film all of the amazing things it has. During filming I feel like I became more in touch with nature. When you really just take a step back and look at the many incredible things nature has you will be amazed.

I agree with my critique which was that I should put more text layers. I agree with it because if I added more text layers the video would be more engaging. Another one of my critiques was to make the shots less shaky. I agree because if more of the shots where completely still the video would be much better.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Poetic Personal Statement

Poetry is a way to express your feelings through a way of saying your words. It has a special intensity. You can use rhythm in your poem to make it sound almost like a song. There are many things you can use in poetry like rhyme, alliteration… etc. When done right poems can make you feel something or relate to the poem. Also poems can change or emphasize reality to make you feel something more. Poems are used to make you feel strongly about something or to relate to something. Also poems can help you realize things you may have not known before

My hands in the sand,
My hair in the wind,
I feel free, As can be,
Like I was blind,
And now I can see,
The ocean is my potion,
My key to happiness,
Under the waves,
Is where I shall be,

I used rhyme a few times in my poem. For example free and be rhyme which I used in I feel free, As can be.  I also used rhythm in my poem. For example My hands in the sand, My hair in the wind is a great example of rhythm I used. I used rhyme and rhythm in my poem so that the poem is appealing to listen to and to read. Also I used rhyme and rhythm so that my poem would have feeling and emphasis.